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Our first priority is helping you retire the way you want to.

Who are we and what makes us different? 

Who are we and what makes us different? 

While there a many financial advisors who deal primarily with asset accumulation. We are retirement experts. We specialize in working with people who are in retirement or near retirement. It’s a different ball game at this stage of life. You are no longer in the accumulation phase of your financial life. You are now in the protection and distribution phase.

In other words, how do I keep what I have and make it last as long as I live. We are dually licensed with a securities license as well as an insurance license. This allows us to use all the investment options available. We are also independent so we can shop around for the best products for our clients. Finally, we have a fiduciary standard to our clients. Most financial advisors only have a suitability standard. Call Jeff to find out more about how we may be able to help you retire the way you want to.

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