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How can I stop the number 1 robber of wealth in retirement?

The robber is Long Term Care. Almost 7 out 10 people in their 60’s today will need some form of long term care in their lifetime. What if one spouse needs long term care at a cost of $60,000 a year and the other spouse is healthy? This could easily spend down your nest egg in a short time. Find out how to protect yourself from this danger. Call Jeff and set up a meeting.

<p>What to Look for in an Extended-Care Policy</p>

What to Look for in an Extended-Care Policy

Here’s a list of 8 questions to ask that may help you better understand the costs and benefits of extended-care insurance.
<p>Understanding Extended Care</p>

Understanding Extended Care

Understanding the types of extended care services—and what those services could cost—may be critical.

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